Mini-jumps are designed to give your children (and their pets!) hours of fun whilst encouraging exercise and healthy competition. The original jumps (shown in the video on the right) which are now called Mini-Jumps ‘classic’ were launched in 2006 after two years development. They were an instant hit, making the Horse and Hound magazine top 20 gifts for children that year (at number 2- it was hard to beat a babygrow in the shape of a horse...:-).

Over the years we have had our own thoughts on how we could improve our jumps even more and plenty of input from our users, many of whom write in with suggestions. These improvements have been developed into first, our crossbars and now our new ‘Pro’ uprights.

The units are now about as outdoor proof as you can reasonably get (although we still recommend putting away after use to avoid a trip hazard or getting accidentally mown...). The jumps work if jumped in either direction and the crossbar height is fully adjustable quickly even by little hands.

In parallel with these improvements, we have never lost sight of the priority ingredient- safety. All the features that make them safe for children to use either remain or are enhanced. Finally, they are still available in two sizes for younger and older jumpers as most of our users come back for a bigger challenge as they grow a little older and a lot taller.

We ask that you investigate this website and become conversant with all of the features and benefits of Mini-Jumps and you can order securely online, call us or utilise traditional mail.

The video shows Mini-jumps ‘classic’ jumps in action.

The crossbar rests are infinitely adjustable for height. Just squeeze the arms together and slide them to the desired position.

You can find out why Mini-jumps are the size they are and which one to choose on the ‘Which size to choose’ page.

The light but rigid crossbars displace if bumped into from either direction.

For extra stability on rough terrain or in strong winds, the base can be filled with sand (permanent) or water (temporary).

Your Mini-Jumps are weather proof but we recommend putting them away after use. It stops them being tripped over, chewed by pets or the lawnmower mowing them

Mini-jumps pony jumping fum for little ponies

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