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Mini jumps are pony jumps for 2 legged ponies! It's the great equestrian jump that doesn’t need a horse but does exercise pony mad kids (and even those who aren’t!) Easy to set up, compact to store, build pony jumps to all sorts of sizes. From simple practice courses to cross country. everything is possible.

Mini-jumps were originally designed when the inventor tripped (for the third time) over a broom placed across a doorway by his daughter to make a jump! Not wanting to dampen the horse games for the kids and the exercise that goes with them, we developed the final product you see here over two years of testing (who says horse games are only for kids!?) You can build horse jumps yourself but its a lot of effort, not as cheap as you think and probably won’t work across all the levels of our 2 legged pony jumps!

For a reasonable initial investment you can soon have your children and their friends exercising like a little pony and you can add items to build your course into something that rivals a major showjumping venue. Once the pony kids are worn out then they can post a picture of their pony on our post-a-pony competition - and may even win a Mini Jump!

When the weather is too wet and thoughts are turning to dragging out the childs rocking horse, think of horse jumps instead- in particular Mini Jumps!..and even when the sun shines and that pony of yours is refusing- make him watch you jump your mini jumps and see if he gets the idea! A pony jump thats not for the pony, a horse game for kids that doesn’t have a horse in it! rocking horses are great to ride but bad in turns- get Mini-jumps instead! Don that riding hat, pull on those jodphurs and look this horse gift in the mouth.

Mini jumps are available online and at certain horse shows if we remember to turn up... because frankly it's hard to stop jumping over our Mini-jumps!

Mini-jumps pony jumping fum for little ponies

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